The Phantom - Single

by Covailant

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This is the first song we wrote together as a band. We showed a couple songs to a few people and they all said that The Phantom was their favourite, so here it is, on a single, for free. Enjoy!

Vocals: Danni Plausin
Guitar: Robert Johnson
Bass: Phoebe Sharpe
Drums: Jasper Law
Mixing, recording & editing: Nick Sharpe

Album art created and designed by Covailant


released December 1, 2014

A massive thanks to Nick Sharpe for not only letting us use his recording equipment, but also helping with the mixing and editing of this single. Many high fives, Nick!



all rights reserved


Covailant England, UK

Covailant is now a closed project. All music is available to download for free.

We're a small band from UK. Enjoy our music for free

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Track Name: The Phantom (Gene Splicing)
They call him the phantom,
He's stealing from the Shanghai zoo,
But don't get in his way now,
He won't hesitate to kidnap you,

He's gene splicing,

He's known as the phantom,
Hidin' in his secret lair,
It's where he keeps the animals,
You don't wanna know what's he's doin' there,

He's gene splicing,

The phantom's got an army of mutants at his disposal
He's got a moth with the legs of a hawk
And a hawk with the sting of a wasp

He's gene Splicing, Yeah

(Guitar solo)

Legs of a ram, body of an ape,
Head of a man, tail of a snake,
Mutant army gonna set loose,
On the streets of Shanghai, that's the news,

Gene Splicing